Just returned from an absolutely amazing trip to Europe. Spent most of our time near the coast of Marbella, Spain. Meet David & Jamie....two inspired, beautiful, very in love people. We were surrounded by a small group of family & shot the ceremony early morning on a very private, racetrack in the mountains of Spain...it was truly surreal & perfect. We wrapped the evening with an out of this world dinner & private concert. The day was influenced by their love & passion for racing...the Zonda was a perfect addition. We also got in a chill day after shoot in quant old town Marbella. I can go on for days about how warm the group was & how special this experience was for me personally, i'm so blessed with this life & couldn't be more excited for what is ahead. This post finishes with my last sunset in Spain. David & Jamie...we truly wish you both all the best in you're amazing future together, I know big things ahead for you both. Be well & love.